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Champion Antifreeze

Our Super Safe Pool-Line Anti-Freeze protects your pool investment by preventing expensive freeze damage to pool plumbing. This product is safe for all types of pool plumbing and easy to use. Champion pool anti-freeze keeps your lines from freezing (down to -50°F) and is non-toxic - safe use around kids, pets and landscaping.

Pool Antifreeze is an excellent insurance policy against winterization mistakes or failed pool plugs. Non-toxic pool antifreeze protects pool plumbing down to 50 below zero, and can be flushed into the pool without any effect on pool water balance. Non-toxic propylene glycol solution can also be used in RV's, sprinkler systems or other non-drinking water systems that need winter protection from freezing. 

Simply fill your plumbing lines with Anti-Freeze (usage is 1 gallon for every 10 ft. of 1-1/2" plumbing pipe). Then, insert an in ground inside the skimmer housing (to allow for ice expansion), and insert our handy 1-1/2" threaded plugs in your skimmer and return inlets to completely seal off the plumbing lines for the off-season.

Non-toxic, Propylene Glycol based. Pre-diluted.

Prevent costly damage to your home and pool. Upon winter closing, use our Antifreeze to fill your lines, then place Skim-Insure inside skimmer housing to protect plumbing from freezing and cracking.