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Baqua Spa Alkalinity Increaser - 16 ozs

BAQUA SPA Total Alkalinity Increaser (16 oz) is designed to raise the total alkalinit in your hot tub. Total alkalinity should be maintaned between 80-120 ppm.

Product Dosage

2 1/2 oz per 500 gallons to raise alkalinity 20 ppm.


  1. Test your water's total alkalinity evey week with Baqua Spa Test Strips and adjust accordingly.
  2. Add appropriate amount of Baqua Spa Total Alkalinity Increaser (2 1/2 onuces per 500 galloons of water to raise 20 ppm) to raise the spa water total alkalinity within the 80-120 ppm range.
  3. Circulate spa water at high speed for a minimum of 30 minutes.