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Baquacil Backwash Filter Cleaner - 1 qt.

BAQUACIL Backwash Filter Cleaner (1 qt) is a quick cleaning filter cleaner for your sand filter. Remove organic and inorganic buildup while you backwash. No soaking and no waiting for results.

Product Dosage

8 oz per cleaning cycle.


Shake well before using.

  1. Adjust valves for full skimmer intake.
  2. Start backwashing the filter as recommended by the manufacturer.
  3. While the filter is backwashing, slowly pour 8 ounces of this product into the skimmer.
  4. Continue backwashing process according to the manufacturers instructions.
  5. After the backwash cycle - don't forget the rinse cycle.

To maintain filter efficiency and crystal clear pool water, use Baquacil Backwash Filter Cleaner every time the filter is backwashed.

This product is compatible with all sanitizer.