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Evolution 52" Steel A/G Pool w/ Basic Package


  • 9-inch plastic coated steel top ledge
  • Plastic coated steel supportive uprights
  • Two-piece ledge cover with decorative inlays
  • Frame coated with 4 times the protection with Resin Kote
  • Stainless steel fasteners
  • Exclusive under coat system
  • Finest protection against elements and all water treatments
  • Superior protection against chipping and scratches
  • Lotus wall pattern
  • Easy to assemble
  • Space saver system for oval pools
    • Enjoy your pool without losing your yard

Color:  Champagne                                                                                                        Basic Package includes: Sand Filter w/Pump, Filter Sand, Skimmer, Beaded Liner, Bead Receiver, #7100X A-Frame Ladder, Basic Winter Cover,  Pool Wall Brush, Leaf Skimmer Net, Vacuum Head and Vacuum Hose, Thermometer, Telescopic Pole, 25' Backwash Hose, 5# ph up, 5# alkalinity up, 3# ph down, 5# shock, conditioner, algae kill,10# chlorine tablets, floating chlorinator