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Natural Chemistry Cleanse Weekly - 33.9 ozs.

Natural Chemistry Cleanse Weekly provides spa owners with a clarifier that utilizes powerful natural enzymes to break down and remove contaminates such as body oil, sweat, shampoo, soap, lotions, scented additives, and other non-living organic compounds to keep spas clean and healthy. Cleanse Weekly eliminates strong chemical odors, skin and eye irritation, dirty water line formation, and reduces overall spa maintenance, providing bathers with enjoyment for years to come.

Product Dosage

4 fl oz per 500 gallons of water per week.


This product is designed for use in properly balanced spa water.

Weekly with the filtration system running add 4 oz per 500 gallons directly to spa or hot tub water.

Note: Sanitizer level should be below 5ppm before adding this product.