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Natural Chemistry Spa Perfect - 16 ozs.

Your spa/hot tub water is constantly absorbing oils and other contaminants from the environment and from users. After extended use your spa or hot tub takes all this waste and makes a disgusting, smelly soup that causes water lines, clogged filters, cloudy, and foamy water. Once added to spa water, Spa Perfect works quickly to eliminate break down contaminants such as:

  • body oils, sweat, (urine...blech!)
  • cosmetics & hair care products
  • suntan & sunscreen lotions
  • soaps & deodorant
  • scented spa oil products

Spa Perfect by Natural Chemistry is an enzyme formula specifically formulate for hot tubs and spas. Spa Perfect reduces sanitizer demand and increases the spa filter efficiency by removing oils, phosphates and scummy stuff which can build up quickly in a hot tub. Improves water clarity and ends water problems from body waste, lotions, hair products, cosmetics, soaps - you name it!