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Sparkle Conquest - 1 qt.



FOR POOLS: Initial dose

Add this product directly to pool water while walking around perimeter at the rate of 1 quart per 20,000 gallons. In freshly filled pools where mineral presence is suspected, add product to the water keeping pH 7.2 – 7.5 and chlorine at 1.0 ppm (parts per million) or less for a day. This allows the product to sequest minerals before chemicals can cause them to discolor the water or stain the pool finish. When this product is added to mineral discolored pools, it will eliminate the unwanted color and should remove many stains that regularly occur in pools in their normal operation. Continue to run filtration system overnight and backwash or clean the filter the next day. Sequestering occurs in a few hours, stain remover will occur immediately but will take up to a week to penetrate deeply imbedded stain.

FOR POOLS: Maintenance dose:

Add 1 oz of this product per 5,000 gallons every two weeks or as needed to sequester minerals which may come into pool via makeup water or from pool plumbing. The latter can be prevented by maintaining proper pH, total alkalinity and calcium hardness.

The last word in removing surface stains and clearing mineral discolored water in vinyl and masonry pools