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Volt Pool Blaster Hand Vacuum Cleaner for Pool And Spa

The Pool Blasteris the only manual pool vacuum that works independently of your pools filtration system. This lightweight cleaner easily connects to your existing telepole and effortlessly maneuvers over the floor, walls and steps of any pool or spa. The Pool Blaster provides you with filter bags.  It comes complete with a  reusable filtration bag, spot cleaning nozzle and rechargeable battery.
    • Redesigned water vents allow more debris to be collected.
    • Strong enough to vacuum the entire pool.
    • Great for use in spas and fountains.
    • No hoses or cords.
    • Battery Powerd Pool and Spa Vaccums.
  • Totally Independent of Main Filter Systems
  • Easy to Use
  • Cleans All Types of Pools & Spas